I am always on the lookout for good online courses and made it a habit to learn something new at least 30 minutes every morning after breakfast. Sometimes I pick something together with my wife and we learn something together but often I pick a topic that really interests me. The reason I go to Udemy for this is (Instead of Youtube) is that I also get a community, can ask questions and contact the instructor. With a full 30-days money back guarantee you should just try it out. I will list the course I recommended in my articles below. Since I am also a trainer on Udemy I often get promotional codes that I will share with you so you can get a good bargain of the best courses. Subscribe to my newsletter if you want to be notified about new opportunities.

Here are the currently available online-course promotions with codes from Udemy

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Achieve your goals

New best Offers October-November

Achieve Your EOY Goals: New Language? New Skill?

The Internet security everyone should have

Not an online course I know but for a few dollars you get reliable Internet security. If you want to invest anything use NordVPN.

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I believe that constant learning is the key to success. This is the reason I kept on studying and took many exams. Along the way, I gained a lot of experience and found tips and tricks to improve my study habits and pass tests. I can honestly say I like taking exams! So this website is about sharing all of this so you can improve your study skills.

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