motivational study quotes

10 Motivational Study Quotes Designs

Study quotes are not just a nerdy way to show that you are smart, they are an effective tool to motivate you to keep going. Here are the 10 best quotes with the highest saves on Pinterest: 1. If you study to remem
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Best tools to improve study perfromance

What are the 5 Best Study Tools?

As a lifelong learner, I tried a lot of tools that are supposed to boost study performance and the following list of the best study tools worked best: Pen and notebook – nothing beats your own notesA whiteboard –
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Learning pyramid is not true

Is the Learning Pyramid Accurate?

As a teacher or as a constant learner you might have come across what is called the “learning pyramid”, the “cone of experience” or the ” active learning pyramid ” with various numbers of retention depending on th
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